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  Audio DSP Platform

Audio/Voice DSP reference design platform is developed based on the dual Tensilica DSP cores.

  • The platform provides designers with a powerful means to add “smart and connected” capabilities to these devices, including always-on sensing, local processing, and intelligence connectivity.

  • The platform provides real-time power measurement that allows developers to reduce power consumption of system by optimizing their DSP software effectively.

  • The platform provides a complete development and demo system integrating DSP and multiple peripherals & interfaces IP, and supports diverse wireless technologies including Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and GNSS.

  • The platform can be adopted on mobile, wearable devices, wireless speaker, home entertainment, smart home, surveilance, automotives and so on.

YouSiP-Audio Advanced Application Support

YouSiP-Audio develops a total hardware solution to collect the raw audio, voice, motion, ultrasonic, and image signal data, and then passes them to the host equipment.

  • Developers can be easier to porting their software to verify different applications that can help customer to win the emerging market as voice control, sports management, gesture detector, indoor navigation, smart home, automotive infotainment and so on efficiently.

  • The first amazing function achieved by YouSiP-Audio is voice command. You can control this demo board to play and shuffle music by voice directly. It is a dreamy image that you can talk and interact with the equipment around. And it can be adopted more in the smart home applications.

YouSiP-Audio Target Markets

YouSiP-Audio Solution and EVB Board

  • Strong functions as voice capture, always-on voice activation, always-on sensor-fusion, audio processing and wireless connectivity can be supported by YouSiP-Audio.

  • It can achieve up to 400MHz speed, and provides real-time power measurement to improve power consumption of system by DSP software optimizing effectively. To provide a complete development and demo system, it contains TDM, DMA, I2C, I2S, ICU, Timers, GPIO, and especially Tensilica DSP.

  • Multiple peripherals and interfaces, such as digital microphones, sensor I2C I/F, AD audio codec input/output, USB, UART, PCIe and Ethernet, can enable customer to configure FPGA, GPIOs, DDR memory, SD card and LCD display easily, and shorten time-to-market of product.

YouSiP-Audio Tensilica DSP Performance

  • Strong performance: supports up to six microphone pickup, strong anti-interference ability, quick response, high wake-up rate

  • Low power consumption: milliwatt idle power consumption, hundred milliwatt full speed working power consumption, suitable for portable devices

  • Offline recognition: supports full offline recognition, and can recognize more than 100 instructions offline

  • Rapid deployment: built-in algorithm, can customize keywords and quickly deploy to various devices

  • Flexible application: supports multiple layout schemes, and meet the needs of various IOT products

YouSiP-Audio Tensilica DSP Specifications

  • HiFi4 audio engine

  • Frequency up to 400MHz

  • 32KB Dcache and 16KB Icache

  • 32KB IRAM and 48KB DRAM

  • Customized TIE instruction for application related voice processing algorithm

  • AXI master and slave port for high bandwidth requirement with data width of 64bit

  • Support internal DMA with AXI-64bit interface

  • 32 configurable interrupts

  • JTAG debug port