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Mix Signal Design

Interconversion between digital and analog signals: ADC/DAC IP and related SoC system applications 

Integration of analog and digital design approaches: Interface/ Clock IP and related SoC system applications

Integration of performance between digital and analog blocks: SoC system applications focus on signal accuracy, noise, and power consumption sensitive 

As a mature IP and ASIC design service provider, Brite Semiconductor has more than ten years of experience in mixed-signal technology. Mature mixed-signal IPs that has been silicon proven or verified by customer mass production, such as various types of ADC/DAC IPs, can be provided. Meanwhile, we have many years of rich experience in the design of high-speed interface IP. DDR IP on various process nodes, MIPI, SerDes, PCIe,etc. IP on advanced process nodes can be provided. Regarding to the applications of high-speed interface, signal integrity and power integrity simulation services for Brite interface IP can be provided to help customers meet the balance between performance cost and time to market.

In addition, Brite has extensive experience in accuracy improvement, noise suppression and power control in a large number of ASIC chip design, whether digital algorithm assistance or physical floorplan methods.


Application of Mix-signal