Brite Semiconductor offers customers a variety of ADC IP models, and the main architecture includes SAR and Pipeline, with the sampling accuracy of 12-16bits, and the conversion rate of 500K to 170Msps.

  • 12 bits 100Msps SAR ADC on 28nm process; 

  • 12 bits 25Msps SAR ADC and Pipeline ADC above 100Msps on 40/55nm process; 

  • 16 bits 2/1Msps SAR ADC on 40/55nm process;

The above ADCs have been silicon proven and applied in customers' products, and the diversity can meet the differentiated application needs of different customers.

The current 16 bits high-precision ADC on 40/55nm process, provides an effective number of bits of 14 bits and the average effective number of bits more than 15 bits under the premise of ensuring the sampling rate of Msps, providing a variety of options for high precision industrial applications.

16bit SAR ADC Test Platform and Results