Package Service

By closely working with package houses, Brite offers total solution and manufacturing service on package. Our packaging engineering staffs have many years’ experience at package and substrate design. It is carefully considered at the beginning stage of projects that the bond pad lay-out and package design is fine-tuned. During package development, Brite’s package engineers co-work with designers from factory on routing guidance, thermal enhancement and electrical optimization.

Package is taking more and more ratio in the total chip cost currently. It’s pretty critical to achieve a cost competitive and good performance package to help product successful in end market. At the same time, a good package DFM can also reduce much yield loss during production.

Brite has many successful projects on production and engineering development, which includes FCBGA, HSPBGA, FBGAs, QFN, SiP, QFPs etc.

Package Engineering

Package and Substrate Design

SiP Service

SiP is not only package related, but a total solution in chip manufacturing. Brite also has much actual experience in this area. We can provide entire service for SiP products including KGD selection, base SoC design, package and substrate design and testing solutions.

SiP Type