Foundry Service

Brite provides full wafer service and technical supporting from tape-out to mass production for both design service projects and GDS-in projects, including IP merge, DRC, LVS, ANT, DFM, ESD check etc. Our engineers have a lot hands on experience on tape out, pilot run, excursion handling, production management, yield improvement and testing data analysis. We have strict flow on tape-out to provide high quality service for customers.


Currently Brite achieves about 60 tape-out projects in a year and around half of them are full mask tape-outs. The projects cover variety process and technology nodes, such as 40nmLL, 55/65nmLL, 65nmLL, 0.11/0.13um, 0.18um, and the process covers logic, mix-signal, eFlash, EEPROM and so on.


For brand new projects, we also provide MPW service for customers from 0.18um to 28nm on We also help customers on MPW projects from 0.18um to 40nm and process includes Logic, Mixed-Signal, RF, Low Power, High Voltage etc. After the project goes to full mask tape, we will also provide corner split support and recipe fine-tune. In production stage, we will closely monitor production status and quality index as well.


•  Tape out

•  Shuttle Booking

•  Corner split and analysis

•  In-line parameter fine-tune

•  DRC / DFM Check

•  ESD review result

•  Pre tape out mask check