Close Relationship with SMIC

Brite has been able to build a tight coupled relationship with their foundry partner SMIC. In a way, Brite has become an extension to the resources of SMIC.  Brite’s engineers are intimately familiar with intricacies of various processes from SMIC and can directly address the needs of the customer on foundry related issues such as the DFM impact to the wafer yield.  This creates a single point of contact for all issues of the customers and hastens the pace of the programs.

Foundry supporting is getting more and more important for ASIC design service. The close relationship between Brite and SMIC enables the design groups from two companies to communicate timely on all levels. Customer problems are immediately passed to SMIC design and process development departments, and therefore can be solved on the spot with all three parties. If necessary, SMIC could even provide test equipment for Brite to run PT test on the wafer. Because of the long-term cooperation with SMIC, Brite has the privilege of design tracking and testing in the SMIC office, chip testing, and can be the first to receive information of SMIC technology update and technical parameter.

Eco-system: Brite + SMIC

Advanced Process Collaboration with SMIC