Brite Semiconductor Brings Audio/Voice DSP Reference Design Platform to Low-Power ‘Smart and Connected’ Devices

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Shanghai, China--January 15, 2016--Brite Semiconductor, a leading ASIC design and turnkey service provider headquartered in Shanghai, China, today introduced Audio/Voice DSP Reference Design Platform to accelerate the deployment of “smart and connected” devices. The platform incorporates a wealth of processing, connectivity, sensing and application software which are key building blocks for prototyping IoT devices, targeting a broad range of end markets including mobile, wearables and the smart home.


Brite’s Audio/Voice DSP Reference Design Platform is developed based on a CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP core and fabricated at SMIC’s 55nmLP process, running at 500MHz. The platform provides designers with a powerful means to add 'smart and connected' capabilities to these devices, including always-on sensing, local processing and intelligence and connectivity. The platform also provides real-time power measurement that allows developers to effectively optimize their DSP software further to improve power consumption.


To provide a complete development and demo system, the platform integrates multiple peripherals such as TDM, DMA, I2C, I2S, ICU, Timers, GPIO, etc., contains an on-board ARM Cortex-A9 for complete CPU + DSP system prototyping, and supports diverse wireless technologies including Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and GNSS. Peripherals and interfaces include on-board digital (MEMS) microphones, I2C I/F for sensors, audio CODEC with digital and analog audio in/outs, USB, UART, PCIe, and Ethernet ports, user configurable FPGA, GPIOs, DDR memory, SD card, and LCD display.


“Our Audio/Voice DSP Reference Design Platform powered by the CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP aims at the differentiated requirements of IoT devices with features of NUI (Natural User Interface), audio playback and voice communications. Voice activation, face wake-up/sleep and ‘always on’ enable intelligent applications, ranging from low-power mobile devices (such as wireless microphones, smartwatches) to high-performance intelligent home entertainment systems (such as connected set-top boxes, smart TVs). This platform’s ultra-low power capabilities enable those always-on IoT devices to achieve lowest battery consumption.” said Dr. John Zhuang, CTO of Brite Semiconductor “Through the use of Brite’s reference design board, weeks can be taken off of your design cycle time and product development risk can be reduced.”

About Brite Semiconductor

Brite Semiconductor is a rapidly emerging ASIC design services company providing customers with ASIC/SoC chip design and manufacturing services. The company was co-founded by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and Open-Silicon, as well as venture capitalist firms from China and Silicon Valley. As strategic partners, SMIC provides Brite Semiconductor strong technical and manufacturing support and leverages Brite’s design capabilities in test chip development. Targeted at advanced processing nodes to 28nm with high-end SoC design services, Brite Semiconductor provides customers with flexible design and turn-key services. Brite offers customers RTL/netlist to seamless chip delivery with enhanced economic value for low-risk solutions. For more information, please refer to the Brite Semiconductor website