YouSiP-IoT is a comprehensive platform solution designed for emerging application as IoT based on SMIC 55nm low leakage (LL) and 95nm ultra low power (ULP) process which can provide embedded non-volital flash memory as well. This solution integrates ARM Cortex Mx series MCU or Synopsys ARC EMx serises CPU and CEVA TeakLite or MM series DSP, involves WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE interfaces, which can connect to a series of different sensors. YouSiP-IoT platform can assist customer to reduce the processing delay time, enhance the data security, improve the data rate and reduce power consumption of their SoC design, which is adopted in battary power supply environment as smart home, IoT and wearable devices with excellent low power managment.

IoT Hardware Platform Solution

  • Flexible computing power

M0, M3, M3+DSP

  • Internal resource



  • DMA engine

  • Embedded flash

  • Rich IO interfaces

  • Embedded PMU

  • Integrated RF solutions

Complete BLE + NFC


MEMS, WiFi, Zigbee, etc

  • Easy to customize

                                                     YouSiP-IoT Block Diagram

IoT Advanced Process

Power Management Unit (PMU) for IoT

Power-consumption will affect the IoT’s functionality, and power management has become one of the most important and differentiating feature in the low power application such as wearable. Many devices have multiple internal voltages (e.g., 5 V, 3.3 V, 1.8 V, etc.) and sources of external power to charge their batteries including USB. Brite’s Power Management Unit (PMU) provides high efficiency power conversion that minimizes energy loss, and is used in battery-powered devices, smart appliances, healthcare, home automation, consumer electronics, industrial automation.

IoT Companion Chip Solution

To differentiate customer's applications by voice recognition, finger print, gesture detection etc.

  • Sensor Hub/Fusion

● Analog

◇ 4 Analog IO

◇ Optional PGA

◇ Programmable threshold

● Digital

◇ Up to 6 triggers

  • DSP-CEVA TeakLite410 core

● High-Performance, Low-Power Audio/ Voice/ Sensing and Wireless Communication Apps

● Native 32-bit, variable 10-stage pipeline, fixed-point DSP architecture

● More powerful TL411

                            IoT Companion Chip Solution

IoT Development Tool and Environment

Evaluation Board with Brite MCU + WiFi/BLE module

EVB is provided to customers for early-stage system development

All functions with ready peripheral

Open example codes and driver


Security Solutions for IoT

Key Security Use Cases

  • Authentication and authorization

  • Secure control interface

  • Secure information going in (code, data)

  • Secure data going out (telemetry)

  • Support protocol security requirements (HK. AJ, others)

HW Footprint Considerations

  • Secure Boot ( include SW RSA, Hash)

  • AES

  • HASH

  • TRNG

  • PKA